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Welcome to unique experiences along the Coast of Fjords in Sogn og Fjordane, with the best of authentic and pure Norwegian experiences. We will gladly share our secrets with you! The Coast of Fjords is an entry point to some of the most wonderful fjord experiences in the world, offering a selection of the best of Norway gathered within an easily covered area.

Find your way to the region of FjordKysten and Sunnfjord
Find your way to the region of FjordKysten and Sunnfjord
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Grotlebeach in Bremanger
Grotlebeach in Bremanger

The region stretches from Gulen in the south, near Sognefjorden, to Bremanger in the north, near Nordfjord, and the four municipalities in Sunnfjord; Førde, Naustdal, Gaular and Jolster. 


Whether you like  activities and thrills or prefer peace and absolute tranquillity, the region has something for you. Try surfing the massive north sea waves,  paddle between the islands, go on a high-speed ocean rafting trip, go on a guided hike on the glacier, try rafting in Jolstra, hike to the highest mountain paeks or cycle on islands and mainland tracks connected by local ferries. For relaxation seek out your own  fishing spot, quiet beaches or tranquil local harbours. Or rent a private lighthouse for a truly unique coastal experience. Using a boat is an ideal way to get the Coast of Fjords experience. Within a stones throw of each other you will find a vast array of  islands, each with their own  histoy, lighthouses, fjords and bays. Island hopping is one of the summer season offers that is easily accessible from Bergen, Sogn, Florø, Nordfjord and Askvoll.


The world offers a lot beyond major cities and tropical climates. The region has many little treasures that can lead to thrilling experiences. Wandering along our coast takes you to the most westerly point of Norway. The mild climate and the rich natural resources have created a cultural landscape that is a joy to travel through. The coastal treasures are scattered along the coastline and the islands, with bustling  harbours and  inlets. Enjoy the delicacies of the sea, try some wild lamb or freshly steamed mussels. Spend the night at fishermans cabins or lighthouses, visit historic sites and follow the trails of the people that lived here a long time ago.


The coast is full of maritime atmosphere, linked to fishing, fish farming and shipyard industry. The whole region has active and vibrant industries, with tourism being a major growth sector. The landscape of this region bears witness to the forces of nature – from sheltered bays with white sandy beaches to the highest ocean cliff in Northern Europe – Hornelen in Bremanger. They say the witches danced here at midsummer and on Christmas Eve...

The area is rich in natural resources. The forces of nature can be spectacular in their own right, but are also used for local industry such as energy production. Good infrastructure gives a good base for regional growth.

There are many attractions her, from the cliffs of Kinnaklova in Flora to The North Sea Portal road connecting the islands of Bulandet and Værlandet, Utvær Lighthouse in Solund, and the cradle of Norwegian democracy; Gulatinget. Førde traditional and world music festival takes place every year in the beginning of july in the countys largest city, Førde. The festival has been voted as one of the 25 best international festvals in the world.

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The Kinn Church

The Kinna churchThe Kinna church is built in stone, probably some time in the 12th century. It is the oldest and the only one of its kind in the region of Sunnfjord, and it is one of the most impressive medieval monuments in the west of Norway. It was...
Address: 6912 Kinn
Telephone: 57743000




LIGHTHOUSE SAFARI TO UTVÆR Take a trip to the charming old fishing hamlet of Utvær in Solund – you cannot get further west in Norway than here! Let yourself be overwhelmed by the power of the open sea. Once you have arrived safely you can enjoy the...
Address: 6924 Hardbakke
Telephone: 57 73 90 20

Gulatinget 1


The Gulating

Gulatinget - Modern Parliamentary Assembly The Gulatinget millennium site features the monumental sculptures of Bård Breivik, known as Tingveggen (assembly wall), Tinghella (assembly flagstone) and Eldsirkelen (circle of fire). The sculptures are...
Address: 5966 Eivindvik
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