Hiking in the Fjord Coast of Norway

The Fjord Coast offers varied terrain and plenty of walking options, from easy walks on the islands and the lowland to challenging mountain hikes. Here are some of the best in the region!

View from the top of Lihesten in Hyllestad. The mountain Alden in the background.
View from the top of Lihesten in Hyllestad. The mountain Alden in the background.
Photo: Elisabeth Solbakken

The mountains stand tall along the West Coast of Norway. We have hiking opportunities suitable for everyone, from steep challenges to leisurely coastal paths - all with sea views guaranteed. You can climb high mountains over the fjords or go for a stroll on the islands, where marine life, rounded rocks and the sound of the sea will soothe and relax you. Trips to lower peaks are accessible throughout the region and offer fabulous panoramic view of the coast, inlets and the open sea.

The Fjord Coast top 5 panorama mountain hikes


Hornelen in Bremanger


Legendary Hornelen, Northern Europe’s tallest sea cliff, is situated straight across the fjord from Vingen rock carving site. It is a landmark for ships and a popular destination for hikers. On the top you will get a great view of the varied and scenic landscape of the Fjord Coast - narrow deep fjords, majestic mountains and small islands far out at sea. If you dare, you can lie down on the edge of the cliff and look straight down on the sea 860 meters below you. Hiking to Hornelen is a full day trip, but it is worth the effort you put in. The view is spectacular! Read more about the hike up Hornelen here.

Grade: very demanding.

Alden in Askvoll

Alden is also called the Norwegian Saddle and can be seen from Bulandet & Værlandet

Alden is also known as “The Norwegian Horse” due to its particular shape - a famous landmark for sea farers along the coast. Rising 481 metres straight up from the sea, it is visible over 100 kilometres away. Marked trail to its peak, access via ferry to Værlandet, continuing by boat from there to Alden. The hike to the top takes about 3 hours. Read more about the hike  here.

Grade: medium.

Blegja in Askvoll


Blegja is the highest mountain on the Fjord Coast, and is often called the queen of the mountains in Sunnfjord as it rises 1304 metres above sea level. The hike is challenging, but the reward is an unbeatable view! From the top you will see the unique nature consisting of fjords, mountains, glaciers, islands and the sea as far as the eye can reach. You can see as far as Jostedalsbreen Glacier and the 7 mountains surrounding Bergen 100 kilometres away. A spectacular experience! Read more about the hike up Blegja here.

Grade: very demaning. We do not recommend hiking Blegja without a guide. 

Store Batalden in Flora


The hike up this sea cliff outside Florø offers breathtaking views of the islands and the archipelago. Store Batalden rises 492 metres straight out of the sea, and it is the highest peak on the islands surrounding Florø. Here you can enjoy the beautiful nature that makes this archipelago entirely unique. There is only one person living on the island, but she alone runs an art gallery, small museum and a rents out a fishermans cabin for accomodation. Read more about the hike up Store Batalden here.

Grade: medium.

Lihesten in Hyllestad

Hyllestad2Foto_Gjermund Flage

The majestic and mysterious mountain of Lihesten in Hyllestad is one of the most distinctive peaks along the coast, and a popular destination for hikers. Several trails will lead you to the top, 714 meters above sea level, with views of the ocean and the fjords. You will also find several good fishing lakes on the mountain.
Grade: demanding.

Top 5 panorama mountain hikes i et større kart

The North Sea Trails

The North Sea Trails are costal trails designed for hiking and biking. Most of them are graded as easy, and are suitable for both adults and children. You will find 15 different North Sea Trails along the Fjord Coast. Here you can experience and discover the myriad of islands, deep fjords and cultural attractions on marked trails all over the region.


Among the highlights is the North Sea Trail on the island Utvær - you cannot get further west in Norway than here. The trail is an easy walk around the island, where Norway's westernmost lighthouse is located. The island is surrounded by the open sea, and you will be overwhelmed by its power! Along the trail you can also see several historical sites, including a place where the Vikings used to sharpen their swords before heading west.

Hiking in Bremanger

På veg ned frå Veten

You can hike over 100 trails throughout the northern part of the Fjord Coast, Bremanger, from walks along the coast with its sandy beaches to hikes on the Ålfoten Glacier, the westernmost glacier in Norway. The walks range from excursions for the truly adventurous to short strolls for walkers all abilities - all through beautiful and unspoiled nature.

Most of the trails are well marked, and some have coloured grading where the green routes are the easiest, followed by blue, red and black. The Bremanger Walking Guide, published in November 2010, is available in English and Norwegian, and contains route descriptions for 104 walks in Bremanger.

Sail and hike along the coast



In the Fjord Coast you have the opportunity to combine sailing with trailing. The company Butesail offers Sail Trail Adventures, where you experience sailing on board an ocean going yacht taking you to the start of one or more hikes along the coast. You will be sailing with a qualified skipper and if you wish you will take part in both navigating and sailing the yacht, a great holiday for both individuals and groups. Butesail also offer RYA training courses. Read more about Butesail and Sail Trail here.

Guided hiking tours

Norway Adventures offers guided hikes in the Fjord Coast, from easy one day hikes suited for families to longer hikingtours for experienced mountaineers. The company also offer tailor-made experiences in kayaking, skiing and mountain climbing. Read more about Norway Adventures here.

Welcome to unique hiking experiences along the Fjord Coast!

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