Welcome to the Port of Florø

The Cruise Terminal is located in the very centre of Florø – Norway’s westernmost town. “From the glacier to the coast” is the phrase that best describes our region. You will fi nd rushing rivers, beautiful mountain summits and quiet lakes – all you could wish for within a radius of an hour or two. 

The Port of Florø wishes you welcome to Norway’s westernmost town and to the Sunnfjord region. Florø was founded in 1860. At that time the herring fi sheries were as important for Norway as the oil industry is today and Florø was one of the large centres for those fi sheries. Even 150 years later you can still feel, see and smell the charm of the old herring town Florø once was.

Today services for the offshore oil industry provide good jobs. Shipbuilding, fi sheries and fi sh farming are other large industries in the region. While exploring the beautiful nature and the breathtaking views you can discover how modern times and old fi shing traditions have come together. Come and join us on one of the numerous excursions to some of the most beautiful sights in Norway. An experience of a lifetime.

Enjoy your stay in Sunnfjord!

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