Island Experiences: Excursion to the Islands of Kinn and Svanøy

The legendary Kinn Church
The legendary Kinn Church
The Norwegian Deer Centre at Svanøy
The Norwegian Deer Centre at Svanøy

Join us on this fantastic trip and visit two very different islands – Kinn and Svanøy. Right out in the sea lies the green, grass covered island of Kinn. The legendary Kinn church is built in the Roman building style, and has been in use since the 12th Century. It is believed that the church was built by Celts fl eeing religious persecution. One of the few inhabitants on the island will guide you through fascinating stories and myths connected to the church. Also being a musician, she will play some music in the church. This is not only a guided tour but an experience! The mountain cliff behind the church rises steeply, and the overwhelming cleft of Kinn is its nearest neighbour.

The second island we will visit on this tour is Svanøy. Also known as “The jewel of Sunnfjord”, the most fertile island in the municipality of Flora. Here the locals have protected their cultural and natural treasures and produced a destination that combines the best of both worlds. “Svanøy Hovedgård” was in the 17th century one of the best-developed estate farms in the west of Norway.

We will visit the Norwegian Deer Centre. This is the national centre for spreading knowledge and developing competence in association with wild deer and deer breed on farms. You can take pictures and get close to those wonderful animals while feeding them.

• Tour by boat, (bus on the island of Svanøy) (ca. 6 ½ hours)

  If you choose only one of the islands: Kinn (3 hours), Svanøy (3 ½ hours)

• 20 min. walk on Kinn from pier to church, easy terrain

• Minimal walking on Svanøy

• Lunch included

• Attractions: Kinn Church, legendary Kinn Cleft, Svanøy Estate Farm, Svanøy Deer Centre 


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