Light House Safari - Tour by RIB-boat

Ytterøyane Light House
Ytterøyane Light House
Light House Safari in RIB-boat
Light House Safari in RIB-boat

Join us on a thrilling and exotic Light House Safari, taking in three of the county’s most westerly light houses and going ashore at one of them for a light lunch.

The history of the light houses in Norway is intriguing. About 150 years ago the first light houses were built along our long and perilous coast. The waters around Florø are dangerous and stormy, and three light houses were built along the seaward approach to the town. On our tour in an open RIB-boat we stop at a seal colony and the nest of a sea eagle and we will hopefully experience these great examples for the fauna in our region. We also pass the island of Kinn and learn about the myths and history of the island. For your safety and comfort we will provide fl oating-suits which will be warm and serve as life vests. This tour takes 3 hours and requires a good physical condition.

• Tour by RIB-boat (ca. 3 hours)

• Requires a good physical condition

• May be cancelled due to weather conditions.

• Small lunch included

• Attractions: Kvanhovden Light House, Ytterøyane Light House, Stabben Light House, the island of Kinn, seals, sea eagle-nest


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Stabben Light House:


Kvanhovden Light House:



Ytterøyane Light House:



Light House Safari - Along the way:


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